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An encounter with a stone dragon in the heart of Central America, inspires filmmaker Dan Gainsford to abandon a routine desk job and embark on a five-year pilgrimage from the Arctic to Panama. Intuition guides Gainsford’s path in this non-traditional documentary as he struggles with his place in the North American dream. In the end, visionaries and laymen help him renew his purpose and reveal the importance of forging new stories about the places we call home.


"Man's main task in life, is to give birth to himself" - Erich Fromm

Dan Gainsford

Dan Gainsford is a producer, filmmaker, media artist, sustainable constructor, community builder and optimist. Dan has been involved in supporting independent film for over 15 years. He currently serves as a committee member of Kaz Media Arts; an organization introducing rural youth to media art.

His films display human patterns while questioning whether they are in or out of sync with nature or society. This feature project, Searching for Dragons, continues to explore these themes alongside a larger exploration of the current cultural narrative we continue to support and believe in.

Beyond his edit suite, Dan is a co-founder of an international retreat known as FireSpark Stay

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forbes campbell

Forbes Campbell

Co-producer & Assistant Filmmaker

After being asked to do fundraising and publicity for the launch of Searching For Dragons, Forbes ended up working with Dan and filming Dan’s process for a year on the road and then plunged headfirst into a career in production.

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Melissa Hore

Co-producer & Post-Supervisor

Bringing her 10 years of experience in film and post-production, Melissa became and integral guide for Dan as he confronted the challenge of making sense of over 300hrs of footage from throughout the North American continent.

akane yokoyama

Akane Yokoyama

Co-producer & Business Affairs

Behind every good filmmaker is an amazing FireSpark who’s honest criticism grounds them in the reality of their purpose. Akane always helps to drive Dan forward, while her sharp critiques provide audience perception.

akane yokoyama


Guide Dog

Seven months into filming a Dene man by the name of Darcy Moses told Dan, "You need a guide dog!" and gifted him a puppy. Since then, Moses has provided companionship, safety on the road, and taught Dan some important life lessons.


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